Do you feel tired? Is it difficult to stay on top of everything and make your healthy lifestyle a priority?

Does it feel like its harder to be your ideal weight? Are you starting to have aches and pains you never had before?

Here at SPARK we want you to keep competing at your best! We know you’re constantly prioritizing those that you love before yourself. Do something for yourself today! Call to schedule a consult and learn how you can begin to have more energy, increased efficiency, get rid of those nagging aches and pains and start to feel more like yourself. 

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Schedule an Appointment at a time that works best for you. At SPARK, we work with motivated movers. You don’t need to be an athlete to be seen here, but we do help you to gain athletic aspirations.


We Learn about You

We treat our clients every day on the continuum of pain and performance. A client comes in, we make a new assessment of their ‘position’ on this continuum and design a custom treatment plan and tailored sessions for them.



SPARK Physiotherapy is an effective, high-energy program focused on healing, fitness, and health. Contact us today to get started on your path to recovery.

we are SPARK

SPARK Physiotherapy is a state-of-the-art physical therapy clinic in Alexandria, Virginia. We are here to energize our community by delivering a level of physical therapy, injury prevention and training service that is not available anywhere else.

We make lasting impacts on people’s lives by providing exactly the service our clients need, when they need it. From direct access physical therapy for new injuries and pain, to exercise or training for life-long fitness and power, we provide activities that matter to you. Our team is fun, dynamic, and wants to help you feel and perform better. You’ll feel the SPARK difference immediately!


"SPARK Physiotherapy is an amazing place! I've been a patient/client at SPARK for just over a year. I came to SPARK after dealing with back and hamstring pain for more than two years. I had avoided therapy because I was nervous that I would be told to stop running, lifting, skiing, doing the things that I love ... and I definitely wasn't. At SPARK, I've worked out harder than I ever did before. I started working with Natalia, and I've spent the last several months working with Kristen. My back and hamstring feel the best they've felt in years. I feel stronger all around, and I have so many more creative exercises to use in my workouts. Thank you, SPARK!
Erika Wunder
"My review stems from two perspectives - what I've experienced in my own progress, and what I've witnessed about this community.

I've been coming to Spark religiously every week since March with hip and back pain that, at least superficially, was the result of having two kids in two years. But the Spark team wasn't satisfied with that "answer" and kept digging. They are true investigators. Each week is a triage, a "where are we today," a review of what has worked and what hasn't, and they are constantly adjusting, tinkering, testing approaches that contribute to not just easing pain but identifying and tackling the underlying causes. In just 7 months I've seen incredible improvement in my pain, but also with my strength overall.

Re: my second perspective, one of the things that has struck me about Spark is the community. For starters, you see all walks of people in here - aspiring college athletes to septuagenarians. People recovering from surgery, tackling pain, managing disabilities, or just interested in being fitter. And every employee knows every customer/patient. Whenever anyone walks in the door, the whole staff says hello by name. Though there is one trainer I work out with most regularly, I'd trust any one of them to help keep my progress going.

I'd unequivocally recommend Spark to anyone, but, from personal experience, especially someone who has been passed around from trainer to trainer to doctor to chiropractor to PT, etc without finding resolution."
Kate Weir