Golf PT in Alexandria VirginiaChronic pain is unfortunately common in pro and casual golfers. Sometimes it’s a minor twinge on your takeaway or follow-through, and sometimes it's so debilitating that you can barely make it back to the clubhouse. Players cope with chronic injuries for years because they “come and go,” but an injury can harm much more than your ability to play the game—it can impact your livelihood, sponsorships, and quality of life.

Our fitness trainers provide golf-specific evaluations to ensure you have the power and consistency needed to finish strong. Our program helps you maximize your range of motion, enhance balance, improve stability and posture, maximize swing mechanics, increase flexibility, and improve power. Please fill out our online contact form to learn more about our golf physical therapy and conditioning program.

Golf Physical Therapy and Conditioning

The majority of golf injuries are caused by repetitive motion. The slightest movement—such as shifting weight too early or pulling back too far—can result in anything from chronic back pain to rotator cuff injury.

Our physical therapy and training professionals use comprehensive conditioning to improve chronic injuries, including:

  • Swing evaluation. The optimal golf swing is a complex sequence of movements with just the right mix of power and stability. Our professionals examine your posture and body mechanics from setup to follow-through to determine the likely cause of chronic pain.
  • Injury evaluation. A good golf swing needs the lower and upper body to work together. Many golfers rely too much on their backs, arms, and shoulders, damaging the upper body from overuse. Improper form forces the lower body to absorb the rotational force and torque of the swing, causing knee, hip, and lower back problems. Underdeveloped muscles can place too much strain on the elbows, wrists, and other joints.
  • Individualized exercise program. We know that a generic exercise routine isn’t going to improve your game. Our professionals will design a home exercise program tailored to your individual needs, strengthening your weak areas and preventing re-injury. If you’re recovering from surgery, we focus on restoring freedom of motion and gradually increasing the demands on your body to get you back on the course safely.
  • Injury prevention. Our knowledge of anatomy and muscle performance allows us to devise the most efficient swing pattern for your body, allowing you to train and play for hours with minimal risk of injury recurrence.

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Whether you want to take those last three strokes off your round, play like you did before an injury, or make it through the game feeling 20 years younger, the therapists and trainers at SPARK Physiotherapy can help. Book your spot today for a personalized assessment, or call 703-329-0181 to learn more.

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