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Executive Director & Sports Rehab and Performance Specialist

Dr. Carlos J. Berio, the Executive Director of SPARK Physiotherapy, is among the most highly trained physical therapy professionals in the D.C. Metro Area. Since 1998, he has worked with clients across a wide spectrum of health and fitness. Carlos earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland at College Park, and subsequently earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from George Washington University. His education is rounded out by a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy.

Carlos’ passions lie in attaining client rehab goals and the highest level of performance possible. Because of his attention to detail, unique treatment style, and one-on-one care, his clients move without pain and undergo amazing transformations in their physical condition. Carlos derives the most satisfaction from the helping patients become highly educated about technical aspects of their body and how the entire “chain” functions as a whole.

Dr. Carlos J. Berio

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At SPARK, we offer a variety of physiotherapy treatment options, fitness coaching, and personal training to help you reach your maximum potential, in and out of the game. Whether you’re an athlete, maintain an active lifestyle, or would like to be more active, we have options for you.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Pain is not a something you should learn to live with. Let us help you achieve a pain-free, high-performance life with physical therapy. Patient education and empowerment is a top priority at SPARK Physiotherapy, and we provide you with a comprehensive home exercise program.

Elite Personal Training

Elite Personal Training

Personal Training is the most comprehensive, time efficient and safest way to meet your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or looking for a new fitness routine, our certified personal trainers will create a customized fitness plan just for you.

Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness

Meet our talented physio pros, tour our facility, and ask those burning fitness or exercise questions to learn how to achieve your fittest self. Settling baseline fitness levels and monitoring progress is essential to measuring the lasting impact of our training program.

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Our Mission At Spark

Our mission is to reestablish the standard of value and customer service in physical therapy and fitness training. Our on-on-one, concierge treatment is the most focused and intense offered in any sports medicine setting. Customer service and the ultimate in patient-centered care is our goal. We achieve this by providing the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment processes available for physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and personal training.

Our Talented Team


Executive Director & Performance Physical Therapist

Performance Physical Therapist

Kristen Lattimore

Performance Physical Therapist

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Why Choose Us

SPARK Physiotherapy delivers a level of physical therapy, injury prevention, and personalized training that is not available anywhere else. At our physical therapy clinic in Alexandria, VA, we provide activities that matter to you–from direct access physical therapy, to exercise and training for life-long fitness. Our performance physical therapists are experts in power sports, distance running, track and field, BJJ & MMA, and the fitness world. Education and experience are key when choosing an athletic movement therapist, and we employ some of the best minds at SPARK Physiotherapy to ensure our patients recover fast and stay healthy.

What Our Clients Say

I can't speak highly enough about the people and facility at SPARK. As a collegiate athlete, I tore my ACL two times in four years. I had the pleasure of training with SPARK for this second rehab and I would not be as far along in recovery without Kristen and Carlos. Their PT knowledge, attention to detail, and coaching is the best in the DMV area. I can't imagine working through a sports/work related injury with any other PT facility.

- Kyle Matthews

Spark Physiotherapy is by far the premier physical therapy location for athletes in the entire DMV. Dr. Berio, Dr. Lattimore, and Dr. Sleziak provide top notch 1-on-1 care for the entirety of your visit. Unlike other physical therapy locations where you are a number that gets maybe 10 minutes of someone's attention, you get 1on1 care for your entire time. They are all experts in their respective fields and extremely approachable. I have been going here for about 4 years and have been extremely happy with the experience. On top of that they are extremely responsive to e-mails and understand that each patient is different (thus creating a unique plan for each patient).

- Chris Maroon

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