Mud Madness Prep Course: Week 3 training schedule

This week is another intense but fun workout to prep you for the Tough Mudder race. Take a look below to continue your training with us. We’ve streamlined the movement timing so it’s easier to follow. See each workout as an hour and then perform each movement to your highest possible intensity for the time … Read More

Mud Madness Prep Course: SPARK It Up Team Training Info

SPARK It Up Training Team and Fellow Mud Madness members from Everywhere! We’re excited to begin our training for the September 8th Tough Mudder. Monday workouts will meet promptly at 7PM. Saturday workouts will meet promptly at 9AM. All workouts will be posted here. Alerts will be made on facebook and twitter. Our week 1 training schedule will … Read More

SPARK Tough: Adventure/Trail Race Prep Course! Calling All Mudders

We’re all excited about competing together to survive the Tough Mudder Frederick, MD 2012. The event will be taking place on September 8th and 9th. We have designed a training course specifically to prepare you for each event you will face on the Mud Madness (MM). If you’re not yet a member of a MM team, feel … Read More

Movement Econ 315: Addressing throwing shoulder pain by getting after the t-spine

There are lots of similarities in the painful or dysfunctional shoulder. In general, most of these young men and women sit among the top of the heap in their overall size, strength and power capabilities. This is a great advantage to have over your competition but in many case, like the one’s we see often, … Read More

Guest bloger! Liz Davies: Fight Cancer with Exercise

Physical activity can result in a variety of benefits for people with cancer, just as it would for people who are cancer free. A daily exercise routine gives people a way to stay active, maintain a healthy weight and be more muscular. In addition to these rewards, physical activity increases positivity and self-confidence while lowering … Read More