SPARK Physio Radio: The PT Treatments You Don’t Need Because They Don’t Work

In this episode of the SPARK Physio Radio Show Dr. Carlos Berio reveals the commonly performed physical therapy treatments that you DON’T need because they DON’T work! New Fitness Internet Radio with SPARK Physiotherapy on BlogTalkRadio Dr. Carlos J Berio, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS, CMTPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and … Read More

The PT Treatments You Don’t Need Because They Don’t Work

As we continue to examine the ways in which the physical therapy field can better serve the public, we realized that certain treatments are being done that we as patients really don’t need and/or really aren’t effective. In many cases, most specifically in third-party-payer-dependent settings (the PT Mills), your insurance company is dictating a lot of your care. While … Read More

Why Cash Practice Physical Therapy May Be Better for You: And why it may even be LESS expensive than your in-network PT Mill!

There is a new trend in physical therapy designed to shift the balance of power back toward caregivers and patients. It’s called the “Cash Practice Movement”. Here we’ll discuss how this not only empowers you, the client, to make the best decision for your physical health but also liberates skilled physical therapists EVERYWHERE from the … Read More

Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Your Own Health: Who Should Ride Shotgun and Who You Should Kick to the Curb

YOU need to be looking out for number one. Integrity in the sales and education of the public in health, preventative medicine and pain is becoming completely extinct. There are a few brave souls out there still trying to fight the good fight. The few of us will never have as loud a voice as the people pushing the … Read More

SPARK Physio Radio: Why YOU Should be in the Driver’s Seat of Your Health

In this episode of the SPARK Physio Radio Show Dr. Carlos Berio discusses why physical therapy patients need to be their own best advocates and who should be in the driver’s seat of their health care decisions (and who shouldn’t!). Click on the player below to listen to the show now. (Also available as a … Read More

SPARK Physio Radio: Where Physical Therapy Went Wrong

In this episode of the SPARK Physio Radio Show Dr. Carlos Berio talks about what’s wrong with the practice of physical therapy today and how patients and physical therapists can help turn treatment – and the profession – around with easy steps that will help you to get “all the way well.” Click on the … Read More

PT Mills: Why Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work Anymore

What is wrong with the state of Physical Therapy (PT) as a practice? Physical therapy (PT) as a discipline has been changing. In the past, a client could be evaluated and treated by a licensed PT with great confidence that everything that needed to be done to achieve pain free movement was going to happen. … Read More

Tightening the “Thrower’s Coil”: Rehab, Prehab and Power Up Throwing Performance

Baseball players perform one of, if not, the most violent tasks in sports. The act of throwing a baseball requires the highest amounts of torque, angular velocity and power than any other single sport task. With our experience in sports rehab, strength and conditioning and coaching, we have been able to develop a great niche … Read More

Insults abound but do credible and effective solutions follow?

There is a new wave of facebook page and blog site out there. Without mentioning all of them here, they include such presences as “Awkward Gym Moments“, etc. This page and the ones like it highlight the failings of normal folks who are trying to get involved in exercise but very clearly do not have … Read More