Here at Spark, our Virginia sports physical therapists are offering a free seminar series on how to age pain-free. This monthly series will teach the best ways for you to incorporate daily movements, stretches, and exercises into your routine. At the first of our seminars, you will spend an hour with us learning simple, straightforward ways to attain long-term low-back pain relief. Our future seminars will include hip and knee pain relief and shoulder and neck pain relief. older person in a physical therapy session in Virginia

We will start with soft tissue massage using simple in-home tools like a tennis ball, which you can use to relieve stiffness and aches and prepare you to move. Next, we will practice the most important warm-up and safe progression of exercises to improve mobility, increase stability, and reduce pain. These exercises are designed to be challenging and deliver tangible benefits to older adults. We will supply you with a handout of your routine and a new outlook on maintaining movement for your entire life.

We can offer this hour to you free of charge as long as you bring a friend who has yet to go to Spark Physiotherapy. This could be a workout partner for the future or anyone you know who would benefit from more strength and less pain. We recommend clothes and footwear that allow you a full, comfortable range of motion.

Please reach out to [email protected] to reserve your appointment spots.