Our core responsibilities at SPARK are taking care of our current clientele and helping new clientele with their physical therapy needs. Not only do we want them to receive “all-the-way” well care personalized to their specific needs to get them back to the activity level that they are used to, but we also want them to garner all the benefits due to them from their insurance providers.Patient Receiving Physical Therapy in Alexandria, VA

Usually, when a new client calls to book an evaluation, their first question is, “Do you take insurance?” or “How much does it cost?”  These questions don’t have easy “Yes/No” or “It will be $150” answers. There is quite a bit more to understand when deciding between that $30 co-pay vs out-of-network care.

In doing a side-by-side comparison of services, you will see that even though you are paying your fee upfront, you are paying less for your physical therapist’s time than when you use your co-pay for in-network services. That is because we work with most insurance providers in an out-of-network capacity and submit your claims for you for reimbursement.  From our tracking records, the average reimbursement is 60% to 80% and is dependent on out-of-network deductibles.

So, the real answer to “How much does it cost?” is up to you.  Do you want to get better or stay the same? Do you want to come in when it is convenient for you or work around the appointment times that your in-network provider has available? Do you want to see the same physical therapist each time or whoever is available at the time of your appointment? These factors, among others, will help you decide if paying your fee upfront makes sense for you.