SPARK Tough 2012: A look back!

SPARK Tough 2012: A look back!

I can’t imagine a better time training for the Tough Mudder. In the inaugural year of our SPARK Tough Training Courses we had some laughs, lots of sweat and the almost regularly occurring flesh wound. Everyone survived! A couple of us ran multiple races throughout the course of our training together that culminated with our completion of the Mid Atlantic Tough Mudder in September at Crumland Farms.
The following are some photo collages that Habi, one of our team managers and honorary team mascot, put together.
For everyone who trained: GREAT WORK! The SPARK Tough program couldn’t be what it is now and what it will be in the future without you.
Stay tuned for the start of  SPARK Tough II set to begin in November 2012.
New for this year: SPARK Tough Indoor which will run concurrently with the tried and true Original SPARK Tough “Outdoor”.
Too many smiles. Must not have gotten
the workout going yet.
It was definitely cold during the
early weeks of SPARK Tough!
 SPARK Tough “Arctic Enema” acclimation training. 5 gallon bucketshalf full with crushed ice.
This was an awesome way to begin workouts.The pics are priceless!
 Are we doing buckets again today!?C’mon man. I’m still cold from the last time we did them!


 “I think I’m going to puke.”Me, “Ok. Take care of that andhop back into these bear crawls!”

 Love me some resisted sprint work.
Better when you double it with bear andSEAL crawls, of course.
 Too cold!!!!
Fun with ice, water and theHORRIBLE slooooooooooow pour.
 You can run, but you can’t hide from the ice buckets!


 I think I lost my mind during this workout.Inspired by a BJ Gaddour pic from a while back.
 Bear crawls, wheel barrowsand partner muscle ups.Staples of SPARK Tough.

 Gasser Hill will have a place in our hearts forever.You gotta check this thing out.The best part is that the dust and dirt

were great at exfoliating!


 Wait. You want me to carry him where?And then do WHAT!?No help needed on these power muscle ups, thank you.


 Superman Hill + Fireman’s Carry + Piggy back ride??? I think I’ll quit now (not!).The look on the face of the lady gettingout of her car makes the pain of

this drill COMPLETELY worth it!!!


Probably the best pic we have of how this feels.
 SPARK loves the jungle gym!Play is exercise people. Get to it!


 F’ing cold out there tonight!
What is with the booty risers?


Hamming it up for the camera. Get moving.


Get lower and go that way.
Top pic is a SPARK Tough Special:
 inside hand down slalom sprints.
Only a 200 yards sprint or so. Nbd.


Gasser Hill suicides, bears and SEALs.
Designing these workouts was much
easier than doing any of them.
If you don’t get your tail down your going to wind up on your back.


Spiderman lunge walk with slalom sprints.
Puke again? C’mon man!


Jump around! Jump around.
Jump up, jump up and get down!


I recall this as a painful rep; mostly
for my tail bone and my pride.
I was def not ready.


Stair ergs for 30 sec. 1:2 intervals x 10.
Talk about quad burn. Best part is all the small muscles of your feet that scream the entire time.
Some of us working harder than others. Too much fun.


Serious hops.
By the end of SPARK Tough no one needed much help on the power muscle ups.
 Bear crawl technique still could use some work though.
I guess that’s what SPARK Tough II is for!