Small Squad Programs

Are you looking for a customized fitness plan to keep you on your toes week after week? Afraid to start a new exercise program because you’re worried about old (or new) injuries flaring up? Want to lose weight or gain muscle but hate crowded gyms?

Our small group training programs allow you to get the physique of your dreams in a comfortable but challenging environment.

SPARK Small Squad Programs personal training facility virginia

Personal training is the safest, most comprehensive, and most efficient way to meet your fitness goals. SPARK Physiotherapy’s small squad programs offer the benefits of personal training at a group rate, giving clients the support they need when they work out with their buddies. Group sessions are held in our private gym in Alexandria and can benefit athletes of all ages.

Small squad personal training sessions include:

  • Guided warm-up to prevent common exercise injuries
  • Sessions range from 30, 45, or 60 minutes
  • Flexibility training to keep joints and ligaments healthy
  • Resistance exercises to increase strength and power
  • Cardiovascular conditioning for heart health and weight loss
  • Core strengthening exercises for maximum stability
  • Friendly competition and challenges to measuring your progress
  • Injury bulletproofing to keep you feeling and looking your best at any age
  • Supervision by professionals to ensure proper form and movement
  • Targeted exercises and modifications to strengthen areas affected by past injuries or surgeries

If you’re ready to challenge yourself, our trainers are standing by to help you perform to the best of your ability. Please fill out the form on this page to have the details of our small squad programs sent to your inbox, or call 703-329-0181 to schedule your tour of our facility!

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