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Personal Fitness Trainer In Alexandria, VA

Schedule A Discovery Session

Get a private fitness consultation In Alexandria, VA with one of our experts. During a discovery session, you will meet one of our talented physio pros, tour our facility, get to ask those burning fitness and exercise questions, and learn any number of ways to achieve your fittest self.

Enjoy our on-on-one fitness sessions and personalized training plans!

Need some DIY exercise advice? Check out our “So You Wanna” series!

Full Body Muscular Fitness Assessments

Setting baseline fitness levels and monitoring progress on a regular basis, is essential to measuring the lasting impact of our training program. Our initial and ongoing assessment checks a variety fitness abilities, body measurements and composition, and more, including:

  • Body composition (body fat percentage)
  • Target body measurements
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Dynamic and static flexibility
  • Upper body muscular strength and endurance
  • Lower body muscular strength and endurance
  • Core strength and endurance.