The PT Minute: Why would I go out-of-network when I can use my co-pay?

The PT Minute: Why would I go out-of-network when I can use my co-pay?


“Why would I see a physical therapist out-of-network when I can see one and use my co-pay?”

Nicole J. Cleveland, BS, CPT, HKC – SPARK Office Administrator – “You absolutely can see a therapist that is in network and utilize your co-pay.  It becomes a matter of level of care.  If you want to share your therapist with four other people, receive services that have not been proven to be helpful in your recovery, want to do your exercises on your own and still possibly get a bill after the fact.

But if you want to see improvement over a shorter period of time, have a dedicated physical therapist for your entire appointment and get back to play then out-of-network or cash based is the way to go.  Because we aren’t having a third party dictate what care we can give you, we have you up and off the table faster.  Also, most out-of-network coverage will reimburse you up to 80% (dependent on plan and deductible.)  The choice is always yours!”

Nicole J. Cleveland, BS, CPT, HKC

Office Administrator / Certified Personal Trainer

As Office Administrator, I develop and maintain relationships with my new and existing clients/patients.   I endeavor to educate the community about our company and its products, ensure client/patient satisfaction and develop new business opportunities. I use my organizational skills to manage multiple clients/patients. I use my nutritional knowledge, experience, and love of fitness to coach clients/patients in making, and more importantly, maintaining, healthy lifestyle changes.