SPARK Physiotherapy is NOT your grandfather’s physical therapy office!  I was surprised by SPARK Physiotherapy’s facility, or what I think of as the "Shrine to Movement".  Dr. Berio and all of the staff are so energetic and kind at the same time!  It doesn’t seem like a medical office, but lots of excellent medical therapy is happening all around you.  And now, after being a patient of Dr. Berio, I’m sure that each time I visit, I will feel a whole lot better after treatment!

My past experiences with physical therapy have been ineffective and impersonal.  I could bear the impersonal side of the experience if these places were effective, but sadly, the other physical therapy places didn’t do a thing to reduce my pain or improve my well-being.  I was told to do a few things on a few pieces of exercise equipment and showed a few stretches and left largely on my own.  After a few of those types of experiences, I thought physical therapy altogether was ineffective, but I am so thankful that I decided to give SPARK Physiotherapy a try.

I have also done chiropractic, but it has become less and less effective.

I haven’t been injured and I don’t have a debilitating disease, I’ve just spent a few decades at a desk and decided I needed to do something for the neck and back pain that have been increasing.  I joined a gym and while more activity has been good, Dr. Berio has taken the pain away and given me direction for getting into good physical condition.  I’m not looking to compete in athletic events, I just want to do everyday life easily and without pain.

Carlos Berio and his staff have a unique approach to physical therapy that is personal, hands-on, and focused on you.  And they offer more than just eliminating pain.  They analyze how you move, carefully watch how you do the prescribed exercises to keep the pain away and offer a path to making you strong so that you can move freely and with confidence.  My physical improvement has been dramatic enough that my husband is now a patient of Dr. Berio, too.

S.E. – SPARK Client