Sports Training Workshops

You’ve done all you can to get into peak form. Every time you step onto the field, walk onto the court or tee off, you’re putting 100% of your effort into the game. So why are you still falling behind?

Play at the Top of Your Game With SPARK Workshops!

SPARK Physiotherapy knows that no matter how hard you train, you’re only as good as your team. That’s why we offer whole-team practices and evaluations to see how your players work together as a whole.

Our workshop guide explains the many ways we improve gameplay, including:

  • Sport-specific evaluations that test each athlete’s abilities in essential areas
  • Team practice for 10-15 players or semi-private practice for 3-5 players
  • Improvements in power, speed, strength, and recovery
  • Precisely planned exercise and skills sessions to get the most out of each minute with our trainers
  • Posture and movement training to optimize body mechanics
  • Injury bulletproofing to prevent repetitive strain or acute injuries during training and play
  • Surgery and injury rehabilitation to manage pain and prevent further trauma when reentering the game

Space and time for each of these programs are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your athlete’s or team’s spot as soon as possible. Please fill out the form on this page to have our workshop details sent right to your inbox, or call 703-329-0181 to schedule your team training!