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(12 years and over) Hard Court Stand Outs TEAM COMBINE:

30 min testing session

Establish the baseline for this year's off-season


The combine is now schedulable for the week of 4/29 - 5/3. All people have to do is visit the swift links we've been sharing on emails to register their athletes for the programs. Open to all Junior Pro Hoops athletes, as well as all 12-18 local volleyball and basketball players, in preparation for our HCSO Off-season phase starting April 29 - May 3


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To book your athlete's time slot for COMBINE DAY, click the link below and scroll to find the registration block.

Basketball/Volleyball Off Season Team Training Combine

Elevate Your Off-Season Game: Dominate Next Season at Spark Fieldhouse! 

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Don't just wait around – transform your off-season into a winning advantage! Spark Fieldhouse offers intensive training camps for volleyball and basketball players, designed to take your skills to the next level and propel you towards a dominant next season.

Here's what sets Spark Fieldhouse apart:

  • Master the Fundamentals & Sharpen Your Skills: Our experienced coaches will meticulously analyze your strengths and weaknesses, crafting personalized training plans to refine your technique and elevate your game. Spike your serves, hone your footwork, and master defensive strategies in a dynamic and supportive environment.

  • Explosive Athletic Development & Unmatched Conditioning: Go beyond just drills! Our comprehensive program incorporates cutting-edge strength and conditioning techniques, designed to build explosive power, enhance your agility, and maximize your on-court stamina.

  • Mental Edge & Team Camaraderie: Develop the mental fortitude of a champion! We incorporate mental training exercises and visualization techniques to boost your focus, confidence, and competitive spirit. Plus, forge lasting bonds with fellow athletes, building a supportive network that fuels your passion throughout the season.


At Spark Fieldhouse, it's not just about the drills, it's about unlocking your full athletic potential.  Don't waste another off-season! Sign up for Spark Fieldhouse today and start your journey to greatness!



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