athletic development in Alexandria VirginiaPersonal training programs are often focused on appearances rather than abilities. As an athlete, our Virginia sports physical therapist adds, you know that training is about staying in the game—and if you do it right, you’ll look good doing it.

But when you hit a roadblock—the weight you can’t lift, the height you can’t jump, the distance you can’t run—you feel more than just pain and frustration. Limits like these can end careers prematurely or stop them before they begin.

At SPARK Physiotherapy, we have helped athletes across various disciplines overcome painful limitations and find the strength and endurance they never knew they had.

From professional athletes to youth and college sports players, our client-focused personal trainers can push you to new heights. Please complete our online contact form to schedule your initial evaluation.

The Hidden Secret of DC Area Athletes

Recreational and professional athletes come to our personal trainers to see consistent results, but stay to discover their untapped abilities. Athletic development is available on an individual basis or with several team members. We can also help design or coordinate Entire Team Conditioning Practices!

Our unique combination of client-centric game planning, rehab education, manual therapies, and advanced movement assessments make us a leading provider of athletic physical conditioning.

  • Sports rehab. We begin by assessing the root causes that stop you from reaching your full potential. After we discover the problem areas, we create an active therapy course to increase flexibility and reduce pain, including resistance exercises and dry needling for muscular pain and movement restriction.
  • Sports optimization. If you can move without pain limits, we focus on developing the specific attributes and skills you need to perform your sport to the best of your ability. We consistently vary speed and weight to ensure steady and noticeable improvements. Putting your body through these changes helps reaction and recovery times while preparing for the unexpected. Common focus areas include strength, agility, power, balance, and flexibility.
  • Sports pre-hab. Treatment for an injury can keep you away from your sport for weeks or months. Pre-hab is preventative care centered on avoiding common injuries associated with a specific sport. This “injury bulletproofing” helps you get more conditioned and less likely to lose time due to a preventable injury. Our programs demand a lot from our clients, and for a good reason: if your body can accommodate the challenges we put you through, your sport will be easy on your body by comparison.

Our Athletic Development and Injury Prevention Program

SPARK’s Athletic Development and Injury Prevention (ADIP) Program offers you the opportunity to have a professional physical therapist and personal trainer in your corner to help you compete at the highest level. In our state-of-the-art Alexandria gym, you will learn to develop techniques that enhance your abilities and prevent future injuries.

The sports training and therapy professionals at SPARK Physiotherapy use sport-specific drills and tests to measure 16 key areas of athletic performance and ability. In the ADIP program, your capabilities will be assessed and improved by:

Comprehensive Orthopedic Physical Therapy Evaluation

6-Week Training Program

  • Two treatments or training sessions per week
  • Treatment sessions to address muscular, bony, soft tissue, nervous system, or lymphatic dysfunctions or imbalances that affect performance

Customized Home Exercise Program (HEP)

  • Comprehensive physical fitness training program fully supervised by physical therapy or conditioning professionals and administered by highly-trained exercise specialists
  • Designed to complement treatment strategies in place for enhanced performance
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