Dr. Carlos J Berio – “Physical therapy is where you go when you’re hurt.” While this a great place to work from as a profession, it really undermines the many skills and knowledge the an experienced physical therapist possesses. PTs are highly trained biomechanists. PTs have a depth of knowledge that is nearly unmatched by ANY physical medicine care provider. Many of us have vast experience coaching athletes and helping people achieve lifestyle or wellness goals that can benefit many members of the health-seeking community.

If you meet a PT, you might be compelled to ask them to look at your painful parts. But we’d be just as delighted to help you jump higher, avoid injury playing your favorite sport, and, in turn, change the first question that comes to mind when you run into a PT.

Dr. Ivy Jordan – The public does not know physical therapists are well-equipped to develop exercise programs for all ages and abilities, even if someone does not have pain or a specific injury. I often get surprised looks when I say I can develop an exercise program for a client to continue on their own when we’ve gotten them back to pain-free movement to continue progressing and decrease risk of future injury.

Dr. Kristen Lattimore – You go to see a physical therapist to massage out the pain. A lot of people forget the “physical” portion of physical therapy and think some massage is the key to getting better. In reality, a much larger portion involves patient education and time in the gym with your PT.

Dr. Jimmy McKay – The PT will “fix” them.  Frequently it is expected that the PT is “active” and that the patient is “passive” or “just along for the ride,” when this cannot be further from the truth. The Physical Therapist AND the Patient need to work together toward any goal that the patient wants to achieve.  The success of any relationship requires that both people work together actively to achieve the patients goals.

Nicole J. Babka, BS, CPT

Office Administrator / Personal Fitness Consultant

As Office Administrator, I develop and maintain relationships with my new and existing clients/patients.  I endeavor to educate the community about our company and its products, ensure client/patient satisfaction and develop new business opportunities. I use my organizational skills to manage multiple clients/patients. I use my nutritional knowledge, experience, and love of fitness to coach clients/patients in making, and more importantly, maintaining, healthy lifestyle changes.

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