It might be one of the most underutilized moves in all of exercise or rehab, but it could be one of the most all-inclusive and comprehensive movements to address the MAIN issues that we commonly see in athletes with pain: the poor ‘connection’ of the lower body to the upper body via the interspinal stabilization system (ISSS) aka: the “rotatory power coil” or “thrower’s coil.”

The Turkish Get Up (TGU). It’s not a new move. It’s not one you’ll see in the Olympics. You will however see it done wrong. A LOT! While there are some good examples out there on how to perform this correctly, there isn’t much in the way of really explaining what is supposed to happen at each ‘step’ of the entire movement… until now.

About a year ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a group of physical therapists, physical therapy students, and coaches in a seminar entitled “Advanced Assessment and Treatment of the Elite Thrower." This video is from that course during the time we were explaining some of the more advanced neuromuscular reeducation movements that we teach to this population as well as other high intensity competitive athletes.

If you are a health professional or someone aiming to improve their own movement or pain we encourage you to view this and videos like it on our YouTube channel and at SPARK University,

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