The SPARK Physical Therapists get one minute to answer a single clinical question. We live in a “I want it and I want it now” society.  This is our way of providing our community the best answers to the burning questions without any fluff.

This week’s PT Minute question:
“How Do You Know You Can’t Help Someone?

Dr. Carlos J Berio – When a patient comes to us who is medically compromised and we know that we do not have the skill set to help them, it is our duty to refer them to the provider who can. Also, patients that take “ownership” of their pain. They firmly grasp their disease state and it owns their life. I may not be the best to help them or help them alone.

Dr. Ivy Jordan – When they are not responding to treatment as I would expect using the skills and knowledge I have available. If I expected them to have progressed and/or met their goals by a certain time frame and they have not, even though I have used all the skills and resources within my ability, then I know it’s time to refer them to another professional who I feel possesses those skills and/or resources.

Dr. Kristen Lattimore – When a patient has no change in mindset after a certain time frame has passed or when a patient does not takes ownership of their pathology/problem. It is then that they may be better suited to another type of provider with a different skill set.

Nicole J. Babka, BS, CPT

Office Administrator / Personal Fitness Consultant

As Office Administrator, I develop and maintain relationships with my new and existing clients/patients. I endeavor to educate the community about our company and its products, ensure client/patient satisfaction and develop new business opportunities. I use my organizational skills to manage multiple clients/patients. I use my nutritional knowledge, experience, and love of fitness to coach clients/patients in making, and more importantly, maintaining, healthy lifestyle changes.

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