So you might have heard of our Health and Fitness Festival! Hopefully you were already going to attend!

Why wouldn’t you? This will be the best collection of pros in one area in a long time! They’ll all be there with their shwag and ready to answer any question you have about the services they provide.

Wait… You want to hear about the free fun stuff, don’t you?  I would too. We at SPARK Physio understand the importance of making an event like this work, and it isn’t always based on the level of doctor, physical therapist or trainer you’re going to run into. It’s about the EXPERIENCE. This may be one of the most difficult things for anyone who runs a small local business to communicate with their potential customers. Well, that’s where we are different.

The SPARK Difference is one you feel. You see it in the fun that is happening around you. You see it in the deep thought that each of our pros gives every one of our clients. Our Festival will give even the most passive attendee a full understanding of the breadth and depth of the knowledge we have for pain, rehab and performance, yes. But more importantly, people who attend will see that receiving treatment, training or instruction is much more about the client experience than others might have you believe.

Three simple questions to ask yourself about whether you are having the best experience with your rehab and performance team.

1. Am I an individual?

Does my care look like everyone else’s care? Does my pro take the time to understand all aspects of my issue(s)? This is a simple question to answer. If the answer is ‘no,’ go to question 2.

2. Do I feel cared for?

When I leave treatment, is there any confidence that my pro truly wants what’s best for me? Can I contact them if I have a question? What if I still hurt? Will my physical therapist/trainer/coach be there for me? Am I a priority here?

Yes, again, this is another simple question to answer. Understand that there are places to go where you may be treated as the only client that they have.

3. Am I a part of something special here?

THIS is why we are having a Health and Fitness Festival! SPARK Physio IS something special. We combine years of experience, more letters behind our names than are IN our names, with the most true sense of community, family and care-giving that is possible in our field. The combination of services we provide MUST be experienced to be fully understood. The connections we’ve made with our partners within our community must be seen and felt.

Experience the SPARK Difference this September 5th, from 4PM – 8PM, at the John Carlyle Square Park, Alexandria, VA

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