I realize how often I’ve referred Dr. Carlos Berio and SPARK Physiotherapy to friends and neighbors. These are people, for the most part, who’ve noticed that I’ve regained my mobility and got fit. They want how I look and feel. They’re intrigued when I describe how your personalized PT and fitness sessions got me walking without pain, returned my shoulder to full mobility, and now keep me healthy, toned, trim, and pain free. But once they learn SPARK Physio is a cash business, their interest fades.

I don’t get it.

These are people who live comfortable lifestyles, and can well afford SPARK’s fees. If they compared SPARK’s individualized care, attention, and commitment to their clients’ well being and success vs the one-size-fits-all PT and fitness instruction I’ve received in larger facilities, they’d see the differences and the value.

For me, this extra investment has paid off, especially as I get older. I’m more fit and healthy than people my age, I look twenty years younger—so I’m told—and I feel twenty years younger!

And that’s priceless.

SPARK Physiotherapy Client – R.