Over the past two months working as SPARK Physiotherapy’s Office Administrator, I’ve realized that outside of calls to schedule appointments, our most prevalent call is from potential patients inquiring about whether we accept insurance. When I explain that we are an Out-of-Network, Cash-Based service provider but that we do submit insurance claims on our patients’ behalf to get them the reimbursement they are entitled, the response is usually the same, “I need to see a Therapist that will take my insurance.”

Allow me to stand on my soap box for a moment—this infuriates me. Yes, it’s nice to have insurance BUT it’s not nice to have insurance dictate the level of service that you NEED.  That is exactly what happens when you go to a big PT-Mill that accepts your BlueCross BlueShield or United Healthcare policy. Sure, you get to go and pay your $10 or $15 copay. But have you ever heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for?”

What You Get at a PT Mill

When you show up at that big PT-Mill, you are going to be placed on the recumbent bike or worse the arm ergometer to “warm-up.” Really this is your waiting spot to get the PT’s attention because I guarantee there are at least three or four other patients scheduled at your same time. At best, you will see your Physical Therapist for 10 or 15 minutes. They will perform “massage” or ultrasound as specified by YOUR insurance company to get the MOST reimbursement from your insurance provider. Then you will be handed off to an often unqualified PT tech or, even worse, left on your own to do your therapeutic exercises. How do I know this if I am NOT a Physical Therapist, you ask?  Because this is exactly what I experienced trying to rehabilitate an ankle injury.

What We Do at SPARK

What I see EVERYDAY as an employee at SPARK is in great contrast!  Each patient receives individualized attention. They have the full hour with their therapist. They are analyzed and diagnosed by their symptoms. They get therapeutic treatments and dry needling techniques that benefit THEIR specific ailment and NOT dictated by their insurance provider. They have their exercises fully monitored and adjusted. They are never left WAITING or ALONE.

It’s the difference between coach and first class… a big mac and fillet mignon… Motel 6 and the Ritz-Carlton. This is what we know as the “SPARK Difference.”  Now, if all you require is ‘good enough’ health care, take your pick of any one of the hundreds of clinics in your local area and utilize that co-pay. If your health care needs to be “all-the-way-well,” SPARK Physio is what you’ve been waiting for.

Is your health worth it?

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