Everyone who comes to SPARK knows that we are a fun-loving, caring group of people. SPARK’s mission is to help our clients achieve their health goals with the best customer satisfaction. We epitomize “concierge” physical therapy with a family vibe. #NextgenPT

Many people who come in often ask if they can work here! That being said, it takes a special person to work here and the list of qualities required is comprehensive. As we move forward into the future, we will be looking for new members of our Team.

Until then… You Can’t Work at SPARK If…

  1. The Clinic Director happens to be out on your first day, and upon his return you greet him with, “Looks like somebody was slacking!”
  2. You forget that the fitness center isn’t a private space. Quick lunch-time jog sans shirt… no bueno.
  3. You think a power nap on a weight bench is a good idea. Heck, don’t fall asleep at all…. That’s what all the coffee is for!
  4. Your first-line treatment for someone’s shoulder pain is to manipulate their chakras. Rest assured, tunneled focus on the spleen has generally not been shown to alleviate shoulder pain.
  5. When purchasing acetaminophen, you don’t double check that you’ve picked up the PM version. A pack of sleepy Physical Therapists is not optimal.
  6. You rarely, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!” Make sure you are listening to the client more than you are talking, particularly about yourself.
  7. Showing up late or not at all is a habit. Your time is valuable. My time is valuable. The client’s time is valuable. Respect that.
  8. You won’t take part in work-related events because you are worried about the occasional nausea spell or serious fatigue…You aren’t SPARK Tough.
  9. You are above anyone else on the team. Everyone pitches in no matter the task. Treatment, advocacy, learning, and teaching are highly important but so are the phones, laundry, and cleaning. Keep it tight, yo!
  10. You just want to be a cog in the machine. If you don’t want to exceed every patients expectations at each and every visit, than stay put counting up your units at that PT mill.

If you see this and say that is not a problem, keep us on your watchlist.  We have big things coming and you may just be the new member of our SPARK family!

Nicole J. Babka, BS, CPT

Office Administrator / Personal Fitness Consultant

As Office Administrator, I develop and maintain relationships with my new and existing clients/patients. I endeavor to educate the community about our company and its products, ensure client/patient satisfaction and develop new business opportunities. I use my organizational skills to manage multiple clients/patients. I use my nutritional knowledge, experience, and love of fitness to coach clients/patients in making, and more importantly, maintaining, healthy lifestyle changes.

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