Athletic Development

Dr. Berio works with young athlete.With years of experience working with athletes from the junior levels up through the professional ranks in a wide variety of sports such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, track, cycling and skiing just to name a few, we have the knowledge to turn you into a difference maker on the field of play. Improvements in areas such as:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention

Resistance exercise is an important part of any in/off-season training program. The type of exercise and the intensity in which these moves are performed are crucial to the improvement of overall athletic ability and injury prevention. Let us help you stay a step ahead of the competition!

Athletic Development is available on an individual basis or with several members of a team. We can also design, help design and/or coordinate Entire Team Conditioning Practices! Prices and availability will vary depending upon group size and specific services performed.

An athlete swings to hit the baseball.Athletic Development and Injury Prevention (ADIP) Program

SPARK’s Athletic Development and Injury Prevention (ADIP) Program offers you the opportunity to have a Professional Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer in your corner to help you compete at the highest level.

  • 6 week program:
    · Two treatments/training sessions per week:
    · Treatment sessions to address muscular, bony, soft tissue, nervous system or lymphatic dysfunctions or imbalances that affect performance
  • Program commences with a complete Orthopedic Physical Therapy Evaluation
    Evaluation to highlight:
    · Current complaints of pain
    · Areas of decreased performance or dysfunction
    · Activity specific injury prevention insights
  • Comprehensive home exercise program (HEP) design.
    · Designed to compliment treatment strategies in place for enhanced performance.
    · Comprehensive physical fitness training program fully supervised by Physical Therapy and/or Strength and Conditioning Professional and administered by highly trained Exercise Specialists

Email or call (703) 224-8903 for details and availability.


 $159 Personal Training Special 
Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle or increase your overall fitness abilities?
This $159 special includes:
• A 30-minute fitness consultation and screening
• Two 60-minute personal fitness training sessions
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The Gift of Fitness
Personal Fitness makes a great gift! Give the gift of fitness and health to those close to
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