The PT Minute – What is Direct Access?

The PT Minute – What is Direct Access?


The PT Minute

This week’s PT Minute question:
“What is Direct Access?”

Dr. Carlos J Berio –  “Gone are the days where you needed to get permission to see a physical therapist. If you hurt, find a PT! You’ll save yourself time, money and loads of grief.”

Dr. Ivy Jordan –  “Direct access allows you to get the treatment you need exactly when you need it. The sooner an issue is addressed, the sooner you’re back in action.”


For more information on Direct Access and your patient rights, go to our YouTube video:

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Nicole J. Babka, BS, CPT, HKC

Office Administrator / Certified Personal Trainerspark-2015-web-2

As Office Administrator, I develop and maintain relationships with my new and existing clients/patients.   I endeavor to educate the community about our company and its products, ensure client/patient satisfaction and develop new business opportunities. I use my organizational skills to manage multiple clients/patients. I use my nutritional knowledge, experience, and love of fitness to coach clients/patients in making, and more importantly, maintaining, healthy lifestyle changes.