See how SPARK Physiotherapy has helped others just like you improve range of motion, overcome pain,
and increase performance through physical therapy and personal training.


Dr. Berio and the staff at SPARK Physio were my last hope after seeing several specialists for my hip pain and loss of movement. They provided temporary fixes for various gym-related injuries, which eventually returned and affected my workouts and my life outside the gym. What convinced me to give SPARK a try was the statement on their website: 'We're here to bridge the gap between rehab and high-level performance.'

I desperately wanted to return to the gym but pain-free and without injury re-occurrence. Dr. Berio is making it possible. As he works to fix the injury, he inspires me to learn the "right way" to exercise so ultimately I'll maintain lifelong health and fitness.

If you're serious about being pain-free, getting the most out of your workouts, and regaining flexibility and optimal health, even as you age (I'm nearly 60), then SPARK is your solution.

R.F., Alexandria, VA

I have been going to SPARK for 2 months for a broken collar bone and rotator cuff injury. I was in a lot of pain and afraid to begin physical therapy.

With the fantastic physical therapy I've received, I am happy to say that I have improved my range of motion and returned to my life! The attention to detail and the care I've received has been amazing! I owe my continued progress to the fantastic caring staff at SPARK! I highly recommend SPARK Physiotherapy to anyone looking for a staff of highly knowledgeable and motivated physical therapists who truly care about their clients.

Alexandria, VA


Dr. Berio is a real talent!  I can't think of a better full body wellness experience.

He's completely knowledgeable about the human body, how it works and what's required to enhance strength, endurance, flexibility and function. He is playful, charming and totally engaging.  He understands service and the psychology of making you feel at home in his "office."

I really enjoy our sessions together... it gives me great comfort to know that I am working with the best in the business.

R.R., Ph.D.

I am a 41 year old physician with a wife and 2 young kids.   My life is extremely hectic but I take my health very seriously.

For the last 15 years I have been disciplined with respect to weight training and cardiovascular conditioning logging about 20-25 miles per week. 

About a year ago, I began working with Carlos with the stated goals of increasing the intensity of my weight exercise sessions, improving my core strengthand developing explosiveness.   Early on, our workout sessions were relatively easy but became progressively more difficult.  Our sessions are now extremely intense and he has pushed me to accomplish more than what I thought was possible. 

Carlos also has a unique way of motivating this client to put forth maximum effort at each session. 

To date, I have met all of my personal goals and added 12 pounds of lean muscle while maintaining a very low body fat percentage.  I am stronger now than ever but I am most noticeably more fit over the past year.  

I feel great and have a sense of personal accomplishment.   I attribute all of my current gains to training with Carlos and his commitment to extremely intense workouts and periodic assessments of my progress.  We have also worked on incorporating  many new and advanced exercises into my solo workouts. 

Ultimately, I am sure the decision to train with Carlos and SPARK will be one of the most important health maintenance decisions I will ever make.

D.D., M.D.
Internal Medicine


I'm blessed and fortunate to be able to see a personal trainer on a regular basis. 
Now ask me, "Do I look forward to seeing Carlos regularly?" 


I've played competitive sports all my life and have never had more vigorous training sessions.  Though I've been seeing Carlos only for a short time I already feel stronger and can't wait to continue my progress. 
Carlos presents me with new and interesting workouts on a weekly basis to give me that intense, thorough, full-body workout you could never do yourself. 

I would definitely recommend Carlos… if you can handle it!

Personal Trainer

Working with Dr. Berio has been a life changing experience for me.

I was never one that felt comfortable in a gym atmosphere.  I have learned so much
about myself and my capabilities. 

I've seen results!  I'm stronger, more energized, more flexible and more comfortable! 
Once I've mastered a new skill, he keeps me on my toes with another technique.  Training with Carlos at SPARK has been one of the best things I've done for my health. 

I'd recommend him to anyone!
Interior Designer

Carlos has transformed my body and, consequentially, my life.
I came to Carlos as a 160 lb weakling (looking to gain some real muscle mass) and have emerged at a highly respectable 188lbs and growing.  One cannot put a price on the newfound confidence, health, and vividness of experience that extend from achieving one's dream body.
Furthermore, Carlos has an energizing personality that makes exercise a pleasant and invigorating experience.

Carlos is so passionate, educated, and articulate about fitness methods that he has inspired me to pursue my own credentials as a personal fitness trainer.  However, being a certified personal fitness trainer has only reinforced my respect for Carlos' massive and nuanced understanding of fitness and exercise. 

Carlos and the other trainers at SPARK know so much more than the trainers you will find in any Bally's or Gold's gym.  You never know what you're going to get at those places, so please take a hard look at these testimonials and at Carlos' formal education credentials before you decide on whom to consult for your fitness goals.

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Graduate Student

I have only positive things to say about Dr. Berio and SPARK Physio.  The time that I spend at SPARK are some of the most beneficial hours of my week.  Not only do I get the information that I need but his motivational techniques are equal to his professional skills. 

I have been given the tools and guidance to keep my body conditioned and in great physical shape. Dr. Berio is 100% professional and extremely knowledgeable.  He is a pleasure to work with.

I plan to continue training with SPARK for the rest of my life. I know that my physical and emotional needs may change but my need for effective guidance and motivation will continue.  I am confident that Dr. Berio can continue to help me improve my quality of life.   I am 64 years old and plan to live an active and productive life until I am at least 100 years old. I have referred several friends to Carlos and other SPARK trainers and they are equally as pleased.

President, CEO

I have been very pleased with Carlos' training. 

Carlos gears workouts to my goals and abilities, and uses a variety of equipment and exercises.  We never do the same workout twice!

He is an excellent motivator, friendly and encouraging, and as a result, I do much more
(quantity and quality) than I could on my own.

He is extremely knowledgeable about human physiology and the effects of exercise, which enables him to create workouts which are demanding, but do not lead to injury.  

I highly recommend Carlos!
U.S. Congress

Carlos has literally transformed my body!

I lost body fat, got stronger, and my self-confidence has increased exponentially! 

Carlos' high energy, professionalism and knowledge sets him above and beyond everyone else in the field.  He loves what he does and cares about his clients.  

He is truly inspiring!


I have worked with probably a dozen personal trainers and physical therapists in my life.  Most were very good, but Carlos has consistently demonstrated a greater breadth of knowledge and a greater level of dedication than all the rest.

Carlos not only knows the machines; he also knows a myriad of techniques and
exercises to help you achieve your goals.

When I began working with Carlos in 2003, my goal was to strengthen my legs in preparation for ski season.

Through Carlos' guidance I achieved that goal and many others. 

Carlos is a true fitness guru who believes the overall health of the body is of paramount importance.  It is not just a job with Carlos, it is a passion. 

I offer myself as evidence.  I am 47 years old and in the best physical condition of my life and my work with Carlos is the reason why.

Aerospace Engineer

Two years ago, as I huffed and puffed and dragged myself up the one flight of stairs I entered the gym where my transformation would begin. I had no idea what I was in store for. I was 58 years and had never been physically active in my life. The most I had ever exerted myself was in trying to get out of phys ed classes in high school.

Although Carlos has clients of all ages and levels of fitness, even some much older than I was, I believe I was the least fit and oldest person to start working out for the first time. I found out what gym equipment is for, and I discovered that Carlos is the best motivator ever. His knowledge of the human body is both intuitive and grounded in years of academic work. I’ve never seen him when he wasn’t enthusiastic about what he’s doing. He had confidence in me when I had none.

Well, it’s now been two years since I started my twice weekly workouts. I can’t say it was all easy. Carlos doesn’t believe in the word “can’t” and “I’m too tired” doesn’t cut it with him either. Many times I saw him stifle a giggle at my ineptness. He’s firm, but he doesn’t yell and scream like Jillian and Bob on “The Biggest Loser.” He was always patient, and he was always respectful.

The young guys at work are amazed that I know what the phrase “bench press” means, much less that I can do 3 sets of 10. And people have started saying to me “have you lost weight?” and “you really have definition in your arms.” Those things are nice to hear, but the really important change has been internal.

I feel strong and more connected to my body than I ever have been. I’m sure the work I’ve done with Carlos has added years to my life. I know it’s made me feel much younger than I am. I’m so grateful to him that I’d pay double what he charges to keep him as my trainer (But don’t tell him I said that!)

Budget Analyst

I cannot commend Dr. Berio enough for his thorough and intuitive approach to physical therapy and overall wellness.

The nerve damage in my arm I had suffered greatly decreased the quality of my life, my ability to pursue regular hobbies, and my ability to effectively manage my own health. I was unable to play sports and weight train for months leading up to my first visit at SPARK Physiotherapy. Within just a few sessions I experienced dramatic improvement, both in a decrease of pain and enhanced overall physical performance.

Now I am pain free and feel stronger and as confident as ever! I have nothing but the highest accolades for Dr. Berio’s professionalism, insight, and the personal touch he adds to make all of his clients feel valued. Thank you, Carlos.


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