How do I know if this guy is legit? 5 Steps to knowing if a pro is reputable?

We get this question a lot: “Hey have you heard of this guy? He does this thing called the “FIT (Fill-in-the) Blank Technique. I have heard that a bunch of super high level athletes like football players and body builders use him. He’s supposed to be pretty huge. What do you think?” Sounds like a simple question … Read More

How is this Different than my other PT Experience?

When shopping around for ANYTHING people look at three factors:  Cost vs. Quality vs. Convenience.    Generally, when consumers are looking for a product or service they will sacrifice at least one of these three factors in this decision. For instance:  You may have previously seen a Physical Therapist that was In-Network and took a … Read More

Heard about the Cornhole tournament, Free outdoor concert, and games thing in Alexandria on September 5th?? Oh, and there’s a Health & Fitness Festival on the same day, I think…

So you might have heard of our Health and Fitness Festival! Hopefully you were already going to attend! Why wouldn’t you? This will be the best collection of pros in one area in a long time! They’ll all be there with their shwag and ready to answer any question you have about the services they … Read More

You Get What You Pay For…

Over the past two months working as SPARK Physiotherapy’s Office Administrator, I’ve realized that outside of calls to schedule appointments, our most prevalent call is from potential patients inquiring about whether we accept insurance.  When I explain that we are an Out-of-Network, Cash-Based service provider but that we do submit insurance claims on our patients’ behalf to … Read More

Oh, You Have Insurance…. Great, Right?

As Office Administrator for SPARK, I get the Insurance question a LOT.  After listening in on a conversation between Dr. Joseph P. Caruso from Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC out of Allentown, NJ and Dr. Carlos Berio on the barriers of running of a cash-based clinic, I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. … Read More

Why Can’t I Just Run? The How’s and Why’s of Incorporating Strength Training into your Running Routine

             “But if I want to be a better runner, can’t I just run more?” I get this comment frequently from the high school track girls I coach as well as runners I’m treating in physical therapy. The rule of specificity would say yes because if you want to improve at a certain activity you … Read More

What do I do? The answers that EVERY Rehab, Fitness, and Exercise Pro is dancing around

So THIS is the year that you’re going to get things in gear. Got it. Well it could be as simple as picking up that old sport you enjoyed once upon a time or dusting off that bike in the basement. Unfortunately, while this should start with some fact finding for most of us, this … Read More

So You Want to be a Runner…Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of how to begin your path to a lifelong running career. We are going to continue with the two remaining components to a safe and effective running program: duration and intensity.            3: Duration      This refers to how long you run, whether it’s measured in time or distance. Either … Read More

So You Want to be a Runner…

  “I want to start running, but I’m not sure where to begin?” I get this question frequently at work (as a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist) and from friends/family wanting advice on how they should start running. Some have never run in their life while others used to run back in … Read More

My feet are banged up! Client Question: Which orthotics should I use?

As far as orthotic devices go, there are so many options that it’s hard to tell any client anything definitive. There are brand choices as well as stiffness and specific movement protection differences. It can make this process a confusing one for sure. What we must be most aware of is that orthotic devices really shouldn’t be used … Read More