Physical Therapists & Personal Trainers

SPARK Physiotherapy StaffEducation and experience are key when choosing a physical therapist, strength coach or personal trainer. Our staff is comprised of doctors of physical therapy and certified personal trainers with extensive treatment histories in rehabilitation, athletic development, and fitness. With such varied experiences in elite level athletic training, advanced rehabilitation and overall wellness and health, we can help anyone reach their highest physical potential..

Physical Therapists

Dr. Carlos J. Berio, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS
Performance Physical Therapist / Executive Director

Dr. Ivy Roe, PT, DPT
Performance Physical Therapist

Personal Fitness Trainers

Ethan Stern, BA, CPT
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Sarah Black
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer / Sports Massage Therapist

Office Administration

Miriam M. Kidane
Office Administrator



 Physical Therapy Starter Screening 

Contact us now to set your Physical Therapy Screening. For a $59 deposit*, this is an excellent option for those who want to learn first-hand how the SPARK brand is changing the Physical Therapy field and how you will benefit.

During the screening, we will perform a full subjective history, evaluate your movement and pain concerns and discuss treatment options that will change your life. In addition, we will answer all of your health insurance reimbursement questions.