SPARK Grand Opening Recap

SPARK Grand Opening Recap

Just in case you missed it or wanted to relieve the fun and excitement of our big event, we’ve put together this collection of pictures and a short video from our Grand Opening celebration.

The event was on November 1st and marked the official kick-off of work in our new home at 2850 Eisenhower Ave in Alexandria, VA.

After a short time of gripping and grinning we paused to thank those in attendance. There were several folks who wanted to share their stories with everyone so the following video was taken. Apologies for the low sound. New audio/visual equipment will soon show up on the shopping list!


The following are some still pics from the evening. Thanks to all who came out to show their support. You won’t ever know how much your being there meant to all of the SPARK Physio staff.

If you were here you were definitely excited about a lot of the home made goodies that our clients brought in. The freshly made caramel corn was a HUGE hit!


Clients, friends, and colleagues all attended. We are fortunate to be surrouned by such talented folks.
(left to right: Carlos Berio, PT, Mike Davis, PT,
Vernessa Neamo, PFT, Ivy Roe, PT)


Our newest Team member with one of our original Team Members and his lovely fiance.
(left to right: Sara Black, PFT/CMT,
Habi Iskandar, Operations Guru, Vanessa Zottig)


Some real “Tough Mudders”!
A few members of our TM team.
(left to right: Cheryl and Duncan Kerr, Tough Badass,
David Duncan, MD, Ed Ruiz, Tough Badass)


Friends and family all came out to celebrate with us.
(left to right: Derrick Edwards, Heidi Berio, my beloved,
Tina Tull)
It’s demo time!! A quick Travell and Simons Dry Needling clinic and demo on a willing volunteer.
Working to release a trigger point in the upper trapezius. Great twitch response and excellent tissue response with this quick treatment. Once everyone in attendance got over the “icky” factor of the solid filament needle, everyone was very comfortable with how this works and why we do it.

We are looking forward to what the future holds in store for our team and for those who choose to take their physical self to the next level, whatever that is for everyone.

Be well.