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Performance Physical Therapists In Alexandria, VA

Education and experience are key when choosing an athletic movement expert, and we employ some of the best minds at SPARK Physiotherapy to ensure our patients recover fast and stay healthy. We are fortunate to staff some of the best healthcare and athletic performance professionals in the fields of physical therapy, recovery and rehabilitation, and sports performance.

Our performance physical therapists in Alexandria, VA are experts in power sports, distance running, track and field, and the fitness world. The movement experts at SPARK Physiotherapy have all completed Doctoral training in physical therapy and have extensive sports backgrounds. They lead our colleagues and the industry in client satisfaction, customer service, and the sport-specific care that the health seeking community is looking for.  At SPARK, our performance physical therapists utilize a number of techniques to help reduce your pain and improve your sport or play performance, while providing the highest level of client education.

The positive results we help you develop become permanent improvements

Meet some of our physical therapy professionals:

Executive Director & Performance Physical Therapist
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Calla Staads
Performance Physical Therapist Assistant
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Kristen Lattimore
Performance Physical Therapist
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Office Administrator
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