Mud Madness Prep: Week 4 and 5 training schedule

Mud Madness Prep: Week 4 and 5 training schedule

Here are the next two weeks’ worth of MM Prep workouts!

Don’t have kettlebells? Grab anything heavy! Can’t find a good hill in your neighborhood? Work extra hard during sprints. Need help making some of these movements work? Let me know and we’ll make sure to put you on the right path.

The real trick to training for the Tough Mudder race is to train the different “energy systems” that you will need during the actual race. Be aware that the TM race involves a lot of max exertion with a lot of min to mod exertion in between events. This is how we’ve been training and how you should too.

If you’ve been training by jogging at a slow and steady pace then you’re not training for the Tough Mudder race. I think the Boston Marathon is the weekend before the Frederick, MD TM. Good luck with that.


Week #4

    Venue specific move
Time Giant A-frame  
:00   Dyno Warm-Up
:10 Drill Circuit 1 Kettlebell sprint relay
    Ramp sprints
:15 Drill Circuit 2 Rope/ramp relay
    Stair erg
:25 Drill Circuit 3 “Haynesworth”
  Berlin walls  
:35 Drill Circuit 1 SEAL crawls
    Bear crawls
:40 Drill Circuit 2 Up/downs
    Kettlebells on parade
:50 Drill Circuit 3 Mountain climbers

Week #5

    Venue specific move
Time Everest  
:00   Dyno Warm-Up
:10 Drill Circuit 1 Sprints
    Superman-hill sprints
:15 Drill Circuit 2 Sprint to lay out
    Resisted sprints
:25 Drill Circuit 3 Superman-hill kbell trot
  Funky monkey   
:35 Drill Circuit 1 Over/unders
    Leap frog
:40 Drill Circuit 2 Up/downs
    Prisoner squat
:50 Drill Circuit 3 Jungle gym work
    Farmers walk