Mud Madness Prep Course: Week #6 training schedule

Mud Madness Prep Course: Week #6 training schedule

It’s already Week 6! Mud Madness (MM) training is 10 weeks long but no worries! We’re going for the full 20 weeks of hard core training so that our team is prepared for what awaits.

Everyone is stronger. Faster. Tougher!! Keep up the great work SPARK It Up teammates. If you’re continuing to follow us at home be sure to check in periodically if you have questions or to add input if you find another move useful in your training.

Remember: MM trainings are for those who are seeking a challenge. Marathon’s are for people who have a few hours to kill.

Train on! Be safe. Make health happen.

    Venue specific move
Time Twinkle toes   
:00   Dyno Warm-Up
:10 Drill Circuit 1 Balance beam wk
    SLS Russians Squat
:15 Drill Circuit 2 Gasser Hill bear crawl suicides
    Line drills
:25 Drill Circuit 3 Bulg lunges
  Just the tip  
:35 Drill Circuit 1 Skier squats
    Bulgarian lunges
:40 Drill Circuit 2 Up/downs
    Gasser Hill sled pull
:50 Drill Circuit 3 Line drills
    Fireman’s carry