Mud Madness Prep Course: Week 3 training schedule

Mud Madness Prep Course: Week 3 training schedule

This week is another intense but fun workout to prep you for the Tough Mudder race. Take a look below to continue your training with us.

We’ve streamlined the movement timing so it’s easier to follow. See each workout as an hour and then perform each movement to your highest possible intensity for the time allotted.

At this venue we’re making great use of a very steep but short hill located on the periphery of Angel Park in Alexandria, VA. The hill is grass, is about 50 feet long and has a grade at the bottom of 8% and steepens to a 30% grade near the top. It’s making training out here fun and highly useful for the TM.

If you have questions about training just shoot them along.

    Venue specific move
Time King of the Mountain
:00   Dyno Warm-Up
:10 Drill Circuit 1 Gasser-Hill sprints
:15 Drill Circuit 2 Sprint to lay out
    Muscle ups
:25 Drill Circuit 3 No-touch leap frog
  Jumping bale
:35 Drill Circuit 1 Broad jump to vert jump
    Gasser-Hill bear to sprint
:40 Drill Circuit 2 Up/downs
:50 Drill Circuit 3 Mountain climbers