Monster Band Lateral Slide

Monster Band Lateral Slide

This is an excellent movement to improve the strength and endurance of important upper spine and shoulder muscles as well as trunk or hip muscle conditioning. This movement can be beneficial for many different people, as it focuses strengthening toward muscles important for stability.

Prep and Equipment:

“Monster Band” refers to large elastic loops (there are several different brand names). The optimal length of a monster band is about 40 inches (80” total circumference, unstretched). They can be stretched very far, even so far as to allow for a person to step inside of the band as pictured below.



  • Step on the lower portion of a monster band loop and stretch the band until your feet are about hips width apart. Hold the upper portion of the band with both hands. Then, pull this upper portion of the band taught in front of your chest.
  • Hands and shoulders pull the upper band taught with an outward force while keeping the shoulders down and back with force directed toward your ‘back pockets’
  • Feet point forward or very slightly outward (5-10 degrees).
  • Set up in an “athletic” posture, with hips and knees slightly bent;

The Move:

  • Shuffle sideways without losing the upper or lower band positioning (band stays taught).
  • Hands should remain far apart (outside of the width of the shoulders) and elbows inside of hands width.
  • Feet should not move close together at all. The closest stance width is that of the starting position
  • Link to our YouTube Page demonstrating the Move


  • This exercise can be varied for difficulty by changing levels of resistance, using different arm positions such as extended overhead or with alternating pressing movements (upwards or outwards), and including multi part lower extremity movements like squats or jumping that can change the focus of the drill.

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