Tennis Personal Training, Therapy & Rehabilitation In Alexandria, VA

Tired of that jolt of elbow or shoulder pain when hitting your backhand? Trouble locating your serve late in matches? Feel like you’ve lost a step and can’t quite power a cross-court winner anymore? At SPARK, our tennis personal training sessions can help.

Our sports pain experts know how to work with you to create a plan to get you making those shots again. Tennis can be tough on the body. Lots of starting and stopping. Lots of acceleration and rotary power. Our approach to working tennis players is from the top down assessing all aspect of movement to locate any inefficiency that is getting in the way.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Full body strength and flexibility assessment
  • Swing analysis
  • Tennis specific exercises to focus on explosive speed and hitting powerful shots
  • Improve range of motion of joints starting with the neck and shoulders all the way to the ankles
  • Agility work to increase foot speed and explosiveness
  • Injury/surgical rehabilitation

Tennis personal training in Alexandria, VA with SPARK Physiotherapy includes a complete assessment of all aspects of movement to locate any inefficiencies that are getting in your way. We perform tennis specific exercises to gain explosive speed and help you hit powerful shots.

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