Golf Fitness Trainer In Alexandria, VA

Do you bomb it off the tee but have trouble hitting those pesky long irons, because even after all these years they still “feel weird”? Feel like your hands are smooth but can’t get your trunk to turn into shots the way you’d like? Here at SPARK, we take a tailored approach to golf that sets you up for the most important part of the game–consistency. Power and consistency are what you need to take those last 4 strokes of your round to get back to scratch again. At SPARK, we know power and consistency. Our golf fitness trainers also know that golfers require much more than a generic exercise program.

Here’s how we do it 

  • Golf specific evaluation
  • Maximize range of motion
  • Enhance balance
  • Improve stability and posture
  • Maximize swing mechanics
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve power
  • Injury/surgical rehabilitation

Our golf fitness trainers in Alexandria, VA provide golf-specific evaluations to ensure you have the power and consistency needed to finish strong. Our program helps you maximize range of motion, enhance balance, improve stability and posture, maximize swing mechanics, increase flexibility, and improve power.