Mud Madness Prep Course: Week #6 training schedule

It’s already Week 6! Mud Madness (MM) training is 10 weeks long but no worries! We’re going for the full 20 weeks of hard core training so that our team is prepared for what awaits. Everyone is stronger. Faster. Tougher!! Keep up the great work SPARK It Up teammates. If you’re continuing to follow us … Read More

Mud Madness Prep: Week 4 and 5 training schedule

Here are the next two weeks’ worth of MM Prep workouts! Don’t have kettlebells? Grab anything heavy! Can’t find a good hill in your neighborhood? Work extra hard during sprints. Need help making some of these movements work? Let me know and we’ll make sure to put you on the right path. The real trick … Read More

Mud Madness Prep Course: Week 3 training schedule

This week is another intense but fun workout to prep you for the Tough Mudder race. Take a look below to continue your training with us. We’ve streamlined the movement timing so it’s easier to follow. See each workout as an hour and then perform each movement to your highest possible intensity for the time … Read More