Why Can’t I Just Run? The How’s and Why’s of Incorporating Strength Training into your Running Routine

             “But if I want to be a better runner, can’t I just run more?” I get this comment frequently from the high school track girls I coach as well as runners I’m treating in physical therapy. The rule of specificity would say yes because if you want to improve at a certain activity you … Read More

So You Want to be a Runner…Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of how to begin your path to a lifelong running career. We are going to continue with the two remaining components to a safe and effective running program: duration and intensity.            3: Duration      This refers to how long you run, whether it’s measured in time or distance. Either … Read More

So You Want to be a Runner…

  “I want to start running, but I’m not sure where to begin?” I get this question frequently at work (as a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist) and from friends/family wanting advice on how they should start running. Some have never run in their life while others used to run back in … Read More

Running a “Difficult Wet-Dirt” Race?? Prepare like a Pro

As thousands descend on the sites of Spartan Races, Tough Mudders©, Warrior Dashes and races like them, we get questions about what to do to prepare for the week or day of the race. Here is what team  “SPARK It Up” is doing and you should too. * Emphasize the importance of race-week nutrition and … Read More